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Mimesis is creation through learning and observation. It is the capability of understanding and making decisions that will shape the final outcome. 


Every project has its unique personality and requires distinct approach. In this mindset, MATTER OF MIMESIS® becomes a design attitude towards problems and the capability to observe complexity, draw connections and source unconventional solutions from different scenarios, sometimes even contrasting.  

I am Luca Allievi.


I am a product and interaction designer, born in Italy and professionally raised in London, where I gained a BA Hons in Architecture at the Architectural Association and an MA in Design Product at the Royal College of Art. I have a vary experiences in retail, interior, interaction and experience design, gained through different jobs and projects.

In my practise, I aims to create meaningful designs that combine functionality, elegance and sensorial interaction with the users. 


I enjoy developing every step of a project and I favour hands on approach as an essential part of a product development, as well as designing through user experience and feedback. 


I hope you will enjoy visiting my website. 


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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