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Environmental instability for sensorial detachment.

“It is no longer the island that is separated from the continent, on the contrary is the human being that finds himself separated from the rest of the world when on an island’’ Gilles Deleuze, ‘Desert Islands and other texts’. 

Ibicenco is an architectural investigation to design a wind-driven club in Ibiza.


The club moves and changes configurations according to wind direction and intensity, creating an unstable environment that prolongs the experience of the journey to an island. 


Ibicenco is characterised by one element, a vertical sail (or a ‘wind-catcher’), displaced in six different areas, each designed with different attributes.


Depending on wind conditions, these wind-catchers bend inwards or outwards, determing each space opening or closure, consequentially its usage. 


The wind is used as motion-force, to symbolise how much living on an island depends on natural factors and how unusually they can change our journey outcomes.


Ibicenco is also representative of traditional Ibiza life style away from nightlife, a style of peaceful flowing and connection between human, nature and cosmos. 

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