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The edge is what makes life sweet & sour. How would you consider something from two opposite points of views?


Make&Have is a hypothetical exhibition on the edge of art and pornography, where art is pornography, and pornography is art. 

Excitement is what drives curiosity. Curiosity is what drives excess and excess is excitement. Where is the edge between those?


This hypothetical images aim to challenge and rethink about the prejudice with which we look at things. 


Where is the difference then between the Venus of Botticelli and L’origine du monde by Gustave Courbet?


It is the edge and the struggle arising when trying to go beyond it.  Because we generally tend to assume many things and with that create images in our own minds of what is good and what is not, we forget about the construct that these images create in our vision, distorting it in a direction away from reality. 


Art and pornography have always been exhausted and in many cases their boundaries have crossed creating discomfort and sensation. 


By using sensuality as tool of display between art and pornography, the exhibition offers  a set of relations between the props and attributes related to the figures, offering viewers a field of starting points for reflection.

©2019 by Luca Allievi