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Schizophrenic Realities is the main driving force of this research based project.


‘CAOS’ is a self-managed casino- factory, both living and working place for Chinese migrant workers.

The site chosen is the Cotai strip, a reclaimed stretch of land between Taipa and Coloane islands in Macau, build by American investors to guest the ‘Asian-Las Vegas’, in an attempt to recover from the financial crisis of 2008. 


The research focus was how Chinese migrant workers escaped from top-down logics adopted by Chinese Government to control population.

Inspired by Andrea Branzi’s theory of the metropolis as ‘the land of the humane’’, this project seeks to reclaim a portion of terrain on the strip, to transform gambling into crowd funding. 


Chaos is a factory camouflaged as casino, where visitors can gamble and finance micro business producing and operating inside the building, as it used to happen in the Kowloon Walled City. 


Every business has space unit assigned, a square container, that can be moved and attached to others for business expansion or partnership needs.


Huge crains keep moving containers around the building, constructing an instant picture of the stock trend, that reflects the biggest agglomerations of the most successful commercial activities.  


While the interior of the building is chaotically productive, the exterior is monumentally placid. As a matter of fact, the all site is covered in with marble, ornated by a Chinese flag and a small commemorative plaque saying ‘Chinese monument to production’.

©2019 by Luca Allievi